81% (4306)
9% (500)
10% (537)

Score breakdown

Score Responses Percentage of total
10 2,109 39%
9 2,197 41%
8 249 5%
7 251 5%
6 69 1%
5 73 1%
4 85 2%
3 90 2%
2 75 1%
1 69 1%
0 76 1%

A few responses for this period

  • 7

    Ordering from the app is super easy, and your search feature is fantastic, love being able to see everything by color. However, the confirmation email said it would arrive on Friday, but it didn’t come until Wednesday the following week. If you are going to offer free shipping make sure it arrives on time.

  • 10

    When I shop online I end up returning half of the stuff I order, so it’s always nice when I can come into the store to make sure I love the color and fit. The staff is always really friendly and totally understands you gotta try on a lot of stuff to find the perfect piece.

  • 9

    The quality of the clothing is excellent. My mother is a seamstress and she’s always commenting on the meticulous care given to the stitches on my Hem & Stitch sweaters. The store was closed the day I tried to visit, but I had the next day off so I came back.

  • 10

    I used to work and retail and so I know how tough it can be, your staff is just the best. Never had a bad interaction with them and they are super knowledgeable about the origin of the materials, construction, stock levels, discounts. It’s kinda crazy.

  • 7

    Not sure if the AC was broken or what but it was SUPER cold in the store. I live in California and it get’s hot, but it’s hard to shop when you’re shivering. Still, I did get a pretty killer sweater! I’ll come back in the winter when it’s warmer ;)