• Follow up with customers from within Freshdesk.


  1. Open the Admin section in Freshdesk
  2. Click on “Automations” under the section for Helpdesk Productivity
  3. Click on “New Rule”
  4. Name the rule “Delighted Survey Trigger”
  5. Create two conditions (feel free to modify as needed):
    • In Ticket, If Status, Is, Closed OR
    • In Ticket, If Status, Is, Resolved
  6. Under “Perform these actions:”, select “Trigger Webhook”
  7. Configure the webhook with the following details:
    • Request type: POST
    • URL: Find the URL here
    • Enable “Requires authentication”
    • Username and Password: Input your Delighted API key (see below)
    • Encoding: JSON
    • Content: Simple
  8. Click Preview and save

For a visual guide, please refer to our Help Center article.

Copy your Delighted API key to your clipboard.

Interested in creating tickets in Freshdesk when responses reach your Delighted dashboard? Use the below Zap to get started: