• Automatically trigger Delighted surveys based on tickets being updated in Gorgias.


  1. Open the Profile View in Gorgias
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Select HTTP
  4. Click on “Add HTTP Integration”
  5. Input HTTP Details
    • Integration name: Delighted Survey Trigger
    • Description: Triggering Delighted surveys
    • Triggers: Ticket updated
    • URL: https://api.delighted.com/v1/people.json
    • HTTP Method: POST
    • Request content type: application/json
    • Response content type: application/json
    • Headers:
      1. Copy your API key from the bottom of these instructions
      2. Go to https://coding.tools/base64-encode
      3. Input your API key in the top field
      4. Click Base64 encode
      5. Copy the output and add the word “Basic” to the start
      6. Input that into the Gorgias header section (see here for an example)
    • Input the request body specified here
  6. Save changes

Copy your Delighted API key to your clipboard.

Interested in creating tickets in Gorgias based on responses being received in Delighted? Check out this resource for information on how to get started!